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We are very fortunate to live just a stones throw away from the River Lee and the Lee Valley Park which follws much of the river. The park provides vast open spaces, nature reserves, Lee Valley Park Farms as well as facilities for a variety of sports including water sports.

The London 2012 Olympics led to a number of projects to improve the Lee Valley waterways for both people and nature.

Click on the links below for more information about the activities which are available and for more useful information;

Canal and River Trust Activity Guide



We danced to the theme of 'Let's Dance'. We went to Milfield Theatre to perform our dance. We were so proud of ourselves and really enjoyed dancing on stage!

"I liked doing everything, I got to dance infront of my parents" "I had fun dancing, it was great"


"I liked going into the huddle, and into the circle" "the best was my bowtie, it was so glittery and sparkly" "I think I did really good jumping"

"The best bit was when we were going to dance infront of all the people, but I really liked doing the colouring after!"


"When the lights went off, it was a bit scary" "Then then lights came on, I was nervous to do the dance, but I was so happy, I heard the music playing and everyone was clapping"

"I liked doing the turns" "I was scared but very excited" "I had a beautiful feather and gems on my headband"

"It was so good to do the dancing, I really liked the fact that we got to make up the moves ourselves and think about the way we had to put all the steps together" "We got to do our own styles and it felt so good to perform infront of everyone"


Click on the link below for information on the National Curriculum Tests in 2018;


Raising awareness of sexual abuse of children (NSPCC)

TV Advert
As you may be aware the NSPCC have been broadcasting a TV advert to raise awareness of how parents can help their younger children keep safe from child sexual abuse. If you’ve missed it, you can watch it here:

Parents' Pack for PANTS message 
The TV advert directs parents to the PANTS campaign, used in schools for many years. There is now a pack for parents to use, to encourage them to have a conversation that many might feel uncomfortable about having. Information is also available in Welsh and for children with a hearing impairment. The link to the parents’ PANTS pack is here:

Pantosaurus App for iOS and Android
The NSPCC have also teamed up with award-winning animators, Aardman to create a free app, for both android and iOS, featuring the Panatsorus characters. There are four mini games where players test their skills against Pantosaurus. The app is great fun to use, although I’m rubbish at mobile games and struggled with the basketball game! Get the app by going to the relevant App Store below:

Find on Google Play:

Find on the Apple App Store:

Click on the link below for some information to ensure your child is safe online;

Social Media Parent Guide

Please use these websites with your children. Children will be set homework on a weekly basis for Maths and Literacy. Your child has been given a username and password for their login already:



Please have a read of how you can help your children at home. These are short guides to help you at home. Please have a read of what you can do:

Helping Hand Guide for Speaking and Listening

Helping Hand Guide for Parents

Ready to Learn Every Day: Praise and Reward

Ready to Learn Every Day: Self Worth





A day in the life of Reception 2017

A day in the life of Nursery 2017

Development Matters PDF Document

Early Years Big Talk PowerPoint





Junior Choir will continue to rehearse regularly in the summer term. Choir will now take place on a Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes from 1pm until 1:25pm. The sessions are run by Mrs Jones.

Choir membership continues to be open to all junior children, Years 3-6. 

RECORDER: Lessons take place on Monday

VIOLIN: Lessons take place on Tuesday

GUITAR: Lessons take place on Tuesday

PIANO & KEYBOARD: Lessons take place on Wednesday


Homework Club 

The homework club meets with Mrs Gusciglio and Mrs Bertolino on Monday for Year 6 and then again on Wednesday for Year 5.  Miss Hazelwood and Mrs Vuksanaj on Tuesday for Year 4 and then again on Wednesday for Year 3. During this session children have the opportunity to complete their homework and ask any questions about their homework.

Lunchtime Club

Lunchtime club is run by Mrs Goddin, it is an opportunity for children to spend some time inside playing games and talking.  Infants and juniors meet on a Wednesday lunchtime. 

Multi Skills 

JJ is running a multi skills club for infants. Year 1 session is on a Monday from 3.30pm - 4.30pm and Year 2 is on a Wednesday 3.30pm - 4.30pm. The children will have a range of opportunities to develop skills from across different sports.


Football club is for years 3 and 4 and is run by the 'Non Stop Action' coach on a Thursday from 3.30pm - 4.30pm.  The children are given an opportunity to learn and practise new skills.


If you are interested in any of the clubs then speak to the teacher who runs the club and they will give you more information.