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Welcome to Orange Class!

Welcome to our class page. Our class teacher is Mrs Healy.

This Term we will be looking at:

This term P.E. will be on Tuesday mornings. Please ensure that your child has the correct kit and that everything is labelled with your child’s name. Please make sure that your child’s earrings are removed on the day. The children will be learning the importance of exercise and working on their ball skills.

Additionally, we have been given the great opportunity to have cricket lessons on Monday mornings, and the children will enjoy learning how to play the game.


A People of Prayer

 We will be learning to:

a. Recognise or use some of the signs, symbols and religious terms to describe and explain the celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany AT 1 (ii)

b. Recognise and/or describe how people live the Beatitudes. AT 1 (iii)

c. Recognise or describe the Lord’s Prayer AT 1 (ii)

d. Explain why the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer are an important part of Christian prayer and life. AT 1 (iii) 


The children will spend a week exploring the Jewish faith. They will be understanding the roots of the religion and any similarities it has with Christianity. They will be looking at how the Torah is essential in the lives of the Jewish people and which days are regarded as special or holy. 



In Numeracy this term we will be focusing on recognising and using money, using our 2, 5 and 10 times tables, multiplying and dividing and revising the number bonds to 10 and 20. Additionally, we will work on positional language and telling the time to half past the hour.

We will be using a variety of resources to help us in the classroom, including counting objects, toys, number lines and shapes.


This term we will be looking at stories from a familiar setting, using Knuffle Bunny and Dogger as prompts. These stories link in to our classroom topic of 'toys'. We will also be exploring Labels, Lists, Signs, Captions and poetry.

After the half Term, we will be exploring fairy tales as our classroom theme so we will be reading and writing lots of our own!


Children will read at least twice a week, so please have their reading books in school every day. Please also read with your child at home every day. 

As well as reading individually, the children will soon begin guided reading in groups, discussing the story and suggesting what may happen next. This will happen once every week.


This term we will be learning about 'Everyday Materials'. We will be exploring what common objects are made of and their physical properties; we will be conducting lots of experiments on this topic to hopefully get our 'science ninja' stickers!

Additionally, we will still be learning about seasonal changes as winter turns into Spring. We will encourage the use of observational skills to see how the world around us changes.


Our History topic is: Toys through time

We will be looking at the types of toys the children play with now and what they are made of. We will be thinking about how  these compare to the toys children played with in the past.

Our Geography Topic is: The United Kingdom               

Children will learn all about the United Kingdom and the countries within it. They will learn a little about the seas surrounding the United Kingdom and we will explore key information about this country. This will also be a wonderful time to discuss British Values.


Linked with Lit children make own label for items in the classroom and for toys/ body parts.

Children to create an image of themselves/their homes using Paint. 

Children will learn these specific skills:

  • To select and listen to the text using a mouse. 

  • To know that text can be entered into a computer and printed out.

  • To become familiar with the keyboard.

  • To know that text can be selected from a word bank.

  • To communicate ideas by selecting and adding text.

In Art this term the children are learning about portraits. We will be learning to distinguish between portraits and self-portraits, creating our own using a variety of resources. The children will be introduced to famous portraits and will have the opportunity to create their own using these as prompts. 

All our art will be displayed in the classroom - you are welcome to have a look!

In Design Technology we will be making  our own toys, using junk modelling objects. Any donations of cardboard boxes etc will be appreciated to help us with this!


In music this term we will be using our senses to hear and make sounds. We will also be using our bodies as instruments.


Thank you to all parents/carers who came to see our Christmas play last year, we aboslutely loved it!


De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

We will be continuing to learn about De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats.  We are already using the Red Hat (feelings, intuition), Yellow Hat (positive thinking) and White Hat (information), and will be adding the Green and Black Hats this term (creativity and problem solving). The children enjoy “wearing” the hats and learning to use these methods to develop their thinking.

Habits of Mind

The Habits of Mind are a collection of 16 thinking dispositions designed to help children develop their critical and creative thinking skills. Every week children are taught to use a different ‘habit of mind’ to help with their thinking and apply this to their work.

In our classroom we will have a Habit of Mind for the week which will link to our learning across the subjects for that week.

Visual Maps

The children are now using visual tools in all areas of their learning. These tools help the children map out their ideas and organize their thinking. These are all displayed around the classroom.

The children will be using the circle map, bubble map and flow map most often this year.

Outstanding work produced by the children will be displayed heronce term gets under way.

If you have any questions please feel free to come and see me after school.

Mrs Healy